About the Creators


About the Creators


Anish Patel joined the TV industry in 2006, working for a number of TV studios, starting at the bottom and working his way up the career ladder to become a Production Assistant. Alongside this to further develop his understanding of different areas of the industry, he took on side projects which involved producing low budget music videos and short films for competitions. In 2008, Anish started to develop an idea which he was planning to produce for Film and TV.

Unfortunately the amount of time and investment the project would undertake was considerably high, so he decided to develop the idea further and create the story as a graphic novel. Anish has always been passionate about comics/graphic novels from a very young age, from being a collector of single issues in the 80s, to a collector of graphic novels over the years.

As a result, this seemed to be a natural progression for him as he has always had a very good understanding of comics/graphic novels and how the structure and format works. As a result, all of his ideas since have been in the form of graphic novels. He has been working with a freelance artist, Calvin Innes, and they are working together on the Final 9 comic book series. They are aiming for people to enjoy Final 9 Comic book series with its unique story lines and distinct types of art.

Latest News


Latest News

So far!
The first issue has be developed and is about the 10 remaining players of the tournament as
they each wait for one player to be eliminated for a place in the final 9 table and the chance
to compete in the tournament’s grand finale. You will be able to download a PDF version of
the 1st issue for free. Please click on the link below.


The creators feel that there is a definite gap in the market for an in-depth and entertaining
poker based graphic novel, with a focus on the players as well as the game. This is a
character driven novel, meaning that it will appeal to people who don’t play poker as much
as those who do.


Issue 2 is finally here:
Read another article by Pokernews.com about the launched of Final 9 Issue 2. ‘The next few issues will have unexpected characters twists in the poker world, which will hopefully get fans wanting more.’



Behind the Story:
Read an article by Pokernews.com about the development of Final 9 comic series. ‘The idea of the book came to me just after the 2008 November nine final table…..’


Watch an interview video with Pokernews.com

For the first time, poker will be illustrated in a comic. Author Anish Patel talks to Kristy Arnett about, “Final 9.”


Listen to an interview with Mark Hoke on The Mark Hoke Show

Interview starts after 72mintues of the show. enjoy!